In the Language of Mammon from Pilgrim Bell by Kaveh Akbar

specifically the impact this poem (and the other concrete-like poems) had on the reading experience of the book. suddenly all words looked weird, written forwards or backwards. language had to be grappled with more consciously.

The poem sits on the page in the standard way, but the lines are mirrored flowing from right to left and the words backwards. The text is: ¿boD jeog adt bloded bum edt ai tiga atsmsoni orû s ni soil oslil griguido mod aldsevors adt tite ot agno? vorom ssl.m ot agno? •boot o›lil atsout ed doidw nos NOr 2o down 20 tit tinz novor Atwon woK ni noizuleb gritsoixotni trom iH Jis ni sIdulos sd talgim live tedt redotud viotiH msitnenitnos to metstitaso idim sC obon ilon bor mid sgbuji nod bsed aid reins ot tilguodt tari oft yd broose adt yd mid ogbul