from And Now, A Sonnet, the first in a crown

She flashed me the ugly hard I did not know her, But hear her eyes on these characters ( on my skin A foreign lang still I putted the ink in and&10;Now will have to, to answer it - what man stammers.&10;Ooh and did the dead colonizer start to twerk!&10;This was riding on every body.&10;'I likes the trample I likes the clusterpile of human&10;"Beeings & feel belonging,' conquistadorés stains. And from the first it seemed a platform set above And drums abound. A mortifying glimpse a doom&10;Transubstantial. What we'd be we'd be buried by. The front desk, the concierge vest, the eye's un-love,&10;Broken we'd linger long in an earthen room.&10;A tomb to grow in, deep the catalogue, my mind-