2023-03-23: #todayspoem from I Have a Time Machine by Brenda Shaughnessy: But unfortunately it can only travel …

2023-03-19: #todayspoem haiku by Edward Ferri Jr: Beware The long poem So much to go wrong

2023-03-17: #todayspoem from Mrs. Simpkins by Stevie Smith: ‘Since I crossed over dear friends’ it …

2023-03-16: #todayspoem from The Poet of Ignorance by Anne Sexton: There is an animal inside me, clutching fast …

2023-03-13: flowers in house winter blooming before the freeze

2023-03-13: #todayspoem from “The Caged Parts” by Harrison Cook: The roar reaves like two cars ready …

2023-03-12: #todayspoem from On the Subject of Doctors by James Tate: who gets to see most sex organs in the …

2023-03-11: sun baked question mark snake lost its skin

2023-03-11: #todayspoem haiku by Nova Marie Ash: syllables ever grasping like dying tendrils I don’t understand …

2023-03-10: cloud inkwashed ridgeline

2023-03-10: #todayspoem from it’s more than a job, it’s a journey 🚂 by Kelly Mullins: as a street sweeper slides …

2023-03-09: driftwood washed up on shore of landlocked train tracks

2023-03-09: #todayspoem haiku by Meredith Ackroyd wildflower honey the blackberry underside of a cloud

2023-03-08: 90% of blooms dropped while others begin to bud

2023-03-08: #todayspoem haiku by Arvinder Kaur: deep autumn the maple sheds leaves and gathers stars

2023-03-07: wooden nickel moon reflecting poultry processing plant

2023-03-06: red & blue all over orange poking through fall’s leaves

2023-03-06: #todayspoem from The Creative Act by Rick Rubin 📚 There’s a time for certain ideas to arrive, and …

2023-03-05: leafing pear dandruff in the wind

2023-03-05: #todayspoem from Cantabria by Ben Meyerson: days are deposited into what they once were. All water …

2023-03-04: stacked stars the sky indigoing above the parking lot

2023-03-04: #todayspoem from Juan Ramón Jiménez (via Jack Kornfield): who you are is not your body we rent it

2023-03-03: blooming pear in the wind spring snow

2023-03-02: rear view / limbed telephone pole / pushing a stroller

2023-03-02: #todayspoem . ﹏﹏෴﹏෴෴﹏﹏/▒▒▒▒▒▒༽ · · , · , — infinite deserts_ψ__ (@infinitedeserts) March 2, …

2023-03-01: white petals becoming green leaves

2023-03-01: #todayspoem from 林 by Mylo Lam

2023-02-28: wet february cairn of sticks atop storm drain

2023-02-27: opossum teeth purple ditch flowers a golf cart sputters

2023-02-27: #todayspoem haiku by Stephanie Logan: black coffee at sunup green tea in the afternoon red wine at …

2023-02-26: red bloom against road gray sky a woolen quiet

2023-02-26: #todayspoem from Opera Singer by Ross Gay: I will be slogging through the obscure country of my …

2023-02-25: sign about signs next to sign about stopping

2023-02-25: #todayspoem A New National Anthem by Ada Limón 🔊

2023-02-24: fallen tree still blooming

2023-02-24: #todayspoem from Even the walls by Rob Manery: everything falls even the walls eventually, sooner …

2023-02-23: birds singing the sun up // birds singing sunrise

2023-02-23: #todayspoem by Kenji Minamigawa: Of course, plants don’t have eyes, right? And yet they bloom …

2023-02-22: invaders blooming amongst the natives

2023-02-22: #todayspoem from Comfort by Lionel Kearns: Warm honey percolates through empty worm holes in the …

2023-02-21: at the curb $5 bill weeds

2023-02-21: #todayspoem by Magic Realism Bot: A sex worker kisses boredom inside a glass termite mound.

2023-02-20: flowers bloom sinuses

2023-02-20: #todayspoem Biopsy by Laura Villareal A tiny rabbit nested in the window my oral surgeon cut open. …

2023-02-19: Spring Invading brown box of brown boxes boxing in

2023-02-18: Spring Invading leafless tree filled with birdsong distant chainsaw

2023-02-18: #todayspoem by Graphic Scores B E G I N

2023-02-17: Spring Invading asphalt bedded stream of rainbows


2023-02-17: #todayspoem Nine Nights by Alex Hyner

2023-02-16: Spring Invading ice shards on the floor February blooms


2023-02-16: #todayspoem from Death of a Teacher by Carol Ann Duffy The big trees outside are into their poker …

2023-02-15: List of Dead Things brown box of brown boxes from beige box


2023-02-15: #todayspoem from The Waves by Virginia Woolf 📚 The sun had not yet risen. The sea was …

2023-02-14: List of Dead Things based on the word of the likes of him? forced air

2023-02-14: #todayspoem from scattering sound, not yet audible, I am on pins and needles by Michael Blouin no …

2023-02-13: List of Dead Things curio city


2023-02-13: #todayspoem

2023-02-12: List of Dead Things after the rain more than water fallen

2023-02-12: #todayspoem

2023-02-11: List of Dead Things erratic tree bark to another branch

2023-02-11: #todayspoem

2023-02-10: List of Dead Things taking the stand orange banded trees death row


2023-02-10: #todayspoem by rural italics early evening long blue shadows of snow drifts dusting off an old jazz …

2023-02-09: List of Dead Things disastrophe


2023-02-09: #todayspoem from an anonymous Kleroteria entry A crafty rabbit has three burrows

2023-02-08: List of Dead Things sun’s angle through long night midwinter


2023-02-07: List of Dead Things let’s talk about [memory] [rose gold] age of aquarium drinking


2023-02-07: #todayspoem haiku by Geoff Pope blurred birds as commas apostrophes on a cloud… margins of mountains


2023-02-06: List of Dead Things sprayed green trees tire spine roadkill

2023-02-06: #todayspoem Dorothea Lasky talking about a poem I’ve long been obsessed with the idea that our human …

2023-02-05: Concrete poetry attempts to incorporate the tenets of advertising and graphic design into poetry, …

2023-02-05: List of Dead Things half done lock hinging open chicken wing

2023-02-05: #todayspoem by Michael Leunig (via The Red Hand Files)

2023-02-04: List of Dead Things flown off [zone / cosm] leaving an absence

2023-02-04: #todayspoem haiku by Wakayuki Fukuda spring is around the corner but with a different password

2023-02-03: Finished reading: South of the Pumphouse by Les Claypool 📚

2023-02-03: List of Dead Things pipes stacked muddied awaiting burial bale of barbed wire with leaves for barbs

2023-02-03: #todayspoem from The Red Hand Files by Nick Cave If we do not attend to the work of projecting …

2023-02-02: List of Dead Things gubydal in a cabinet crumbs

2023-02-02: #todayspoem from Too Much and Not the Mood by Durga Chew-Bose Still now, on those hot summer days …

2023-02-01: List of Dead Things gray wind goes and goes and goes and goes through empty spots

2023-02-01: #todayspoem from alternate names for black boys by Danez Smith monster until proven ghost

2023-01-31: List of Dead Things white shag rice broccoli in the weave beef feet

2023-01-31: #todayspoem haiku by Takeshi Endo to crickets’ voice I return a cricket

2023-01-30: List of Dead Things hollowed ground a closet full of steam water runs

2023-01-30: #todayspoem haiku from ant ant ant ant ant ="

2023-01-29: I wrote a weird sonnet and it got published in the And Now, A Sonnet newsletter. Here’s the first …

2023-01-29: List of Dead Things sticks in the wind seed pods, squashed cardinal bright red above oil black seeds

2023-01-29: #todayspoem haiku by Kristen Lindquist hanging over us an icicle the length of March

2023-01-29: List of Dead Things concrete water tomb

2023-01-28: Haiku Poetics via Strange Weather in Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami 📚 Octopus flesh, faintly red, the …

2023-01-28: Finished reading: Strange Weather in Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami 📚

2023-01-28: #todayspoem by Seihaku Irako, via: Strange Weather in Tokyo In loneliness I have drifted this long …

2023-01-27: List of Dead Things graffiti / gears / ground / halted / blocked / still, life

2023-01-27: #todayspoem by Osvaldo Gutierrez Gomez

2023-01-26: List of Dead Things if you want rights incorporate yourself

2023-01-26: #todayspoem The Best Thing About A Poem by Max Lavergne The best thing about a poem is that you can …

2023-01-25: List of Dead Things black pipe through the low point train tracks

2023-01-25: #todayspoem from Strange Weather in Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami 📚 The path seemed like it would go on …

2023-01-24: List of Dead Things sand washed from rock

2023-01-24: #todayspoem by Basho via Strange Weather in Tokyo plum blossoms, fresh shoots, prepared at …

2023-01-23: List of Dead Things pebble / seed wet in the furrow

2023-01-23: #todayspoem by Seihaku Irako via Strange Weather in Tokyo Light filters white across the river …

2023-01-22: List of Dead Things white banded wings through the rain fallen tree

2023-01-22: #todayspoem Fork by Charles Simic This strange thing must have crept Right out of hell. It resembles …

2023-01-21: List of Dead Things petro fried le miz keyfabe um, what were we talking about?

2023-01-21: #todayspoem from Origin Story: The Father by Diamond Forde Love didn’t mind. The Father didn’t sell …

2023-01-20: List of Dead Things tropical plant in january stewed greens

2023-01-20: Finished reading: Rainbow Goblins by Ul de Rico 📚

2023-01-20: #todayspoem Three Views by Cameron Anstee For Robert Hogg i. Tree and Sky blue again against which …

2023-01-19: List of Dead Things sunbleached bleach bottle bird song

2023-01-19: #todayspoem from Small Kindnesses by Danusha Laméris … We have so little of each other, now. So far …

2023-01-19: List of Dead Things recycling center used needle in an oil spill

2023-01-18: #todayspoem from Variations on a Theme by Elizabeth Bishop by John Murillo …Learn to lose as if your …

2023-01-17: List of Dead Things plastic bag caught / catching chilled rain

2023-01-17: #todayspoem A Celebration by Iman Mersal … More important, where is the line between flags and …

2023-01-16: List of Dead Things strip mall after sunset finger nail clipping reflection in the storm drain

2023-01-16: #todayspoem haiku by Chris Gordon lunacy a lost poem about an acetylene torch a visual semaphore …

2023-01-15: List of Dead Things plastic grass jade shards reflecting low winter sun

2023-01-15: #todayspoem haiku by Jane Wallace Pearson Sometimes you ignore what can only be described as a piano

2023-01-14: List of Dead Things class deadcount

2023-01-14: #todayspoem by Pádraig Ó Tuama Important to remember is that a myth is not something false, rather a …

2023-01-14: List of Dead Things styrofoam snow dusting the puddle

2023-01-13: #todayspoem from Mitch Horowitz What if you’re praying to the wrong god?

2023-01-12: List of Dead Things train whistle quack clouds curled like dragon whiskers racing down

2023-01-12: #todayspoem from Adeem the Artist’s wife Don’t you think if you were living in a dream …

2023-01-11: #todayspoem List of Dead Things became death, destroyer of worlds just bird tools for kickin' up …

2023-01-11: #todayspoem from January by Nancy Schoenberger in this, this baleful start to a new beginning, a new …

2023-01-10: List of Dead Things slab of glued sand in sun cracked parking lot neon lit night doors sliding open, …

2023-01-10: #todayspoem Ma Goose: The Interrogation by Jane Flanders Who killed Cock Robin? Where is the boy who …

2023-01-09: List of Dead Things feed: because that’s what you do to it attention vampire

2023-01-09: #todayspoem from Mourning Problems by Xi Chuan: a person dies, and some people mourn and some even …

2023-01-09: List of Dead Things azalea blooms: brown clinging to the branches

2023-01-08: #todayspoem from The Cemetery Where Al Jolson is Buried by Amy Hempel: There are times when the …

2023-01-07: List of Dead Things tattered clouds glowing racing across full moon face silent night

2023-01-07: #todayspoem by Sappho The moon is set. And the Pleiades. It’s the middle of the night. Time …

2023-01-06: List of Dead Things deer head in a storm drain

2023-01-06: #todayspoem haiku by ant ant ant ant ant twilight it might catch on fire

2023-01-05: List of Dead Things cold rock hanging in blue vacuum above bundled wooden sticks

2023-01-05: #todayspoem (s) from night void messages by Edward Smallfield (a chapbook) from night void message …

2023-01-04: List of Dead Things r. hole filled with lightning a. tar ridden i. whitewater runoff n. pothole …

2023-01-04: #todayspoem Skin of Dreams (for Helen) by Kate Siklosi

2023-01-03: List of Dead Things snakeskin shoulder line worn, flattened empty toothpaste tube

2023-01-03: #todayspoem from For Brothers of the Dragon by Terrance Hayes: Because growing old is like slipping …

2023-01-02: List of Dead Things last year’s whistle cutting through first new morning

2023-01-02: #todayspoem haiku by Etheridge Knight: 4 To write a blues song is to regiment riots and pluck gems …

2023-01-01: Finished reading: Silent Silos - a counterBOMB haiku sequence by Johnny Baranski 📚

2023-01-01: List of Dead Things another year fodder for the fire pit

2023-01-01: #todayspoem Fog by Carl Sandburg

2022-12-31: List of Dead Things old gods new gods gods that don’t look like us

2022-12-31: #todayspoem from A Song and the Sultan by Mahmoud Darwish: and the red sun has become an ember which …

2022-12-30: List of Dead Things v. captured o. fallen sunlight i. piled high d. recaptured

2022-12-30: #todayspoem haiku by P M F Johnson: dusk crows gather in the silence

2022-12-29: List of Dead Things 9 leaf blown drone dance of the deciduous solar panels

2022-12-29: #todayspoem Learning Persian by Solmaz Sharif deek-teh deek-tah-tor behn-zeen dee-seh-pleen …

2022-12-28: List of Dead Things box of dark glass filled with extractions with the taste of blood

2022-12-28: #todayspoem haiku by Orrin PreJean: blues at a juke joint that man can put away gin

2022-12-28: Finished reading: The Signal-Man by Charles Dickens 📚

2022-12-28: List of Dead Things squirrel shelling frozen field seeds gone dormant

2022-12-27: #todayspoem from Quantifiable by Dawn Pichón Barron: IV. No other in the mammalian world has the …

2022-12-26: List of Dead Things felled tree fallen again one plastic red berry

2022-12-26: #todayspoem A Stone by Michael Bazzett A Stone wrote a book of poems, seventy-odd pages and each one …

2022-12-25: List of Dead Things late evening light now a dull glow behind the stars

2022-12-25: #todayspoem from Life Cycle of Common Man by Howard Nemerov

2022-12-25: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 25: Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses

2022-12-24: List of Dead Things dry seed headed stalks bobbing a bird into frozen sky

2022-12-24: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 24: Carol of the Bells by The Tabernacle Choir

2022-12-24: #todayspoem haiku by Sandra Simpson cicada husk— two hours in a car with a talker

2022-12-23: List of Dead Things twitching squirrel broken

2022-12-23: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 23: Mele Kalikimaka by Kacey Musgraves & Zooey Deschanel

2022-12-23: #todayspoem haiku by Bob Redmond pictures of people taking pictures— cherry blossoms

2022-12-22: List of Dead Things jeweled drops pulled from hidden tumor rot dazzling in the runoff

2022-12-22: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 22: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Ted Greene

2022-12-22: #todayspoem The Mind After Everything Has Happened by Rowan Ricardo Phillips Perpetual peace. …

2022-12-21: List of Dead Things pile of frost-lipped leaves sleet bounces

2022-12-21: rippled solstice sky a slow train through the intersection fall ends / winter begins solstICE

2022-12-21: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 21: Last Christmas by Wham!

2022-12-21: #todayspoem haiku by poem.Rex autumn nightfall a toad

2022-12-20: pine beetle chew sound of sleet in leaves fallen falling

2022-12-20: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 20: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Darlene Love

2022-12-20: #todayspoem haiku by ant ant ant ant ant what about the edges of your flag?

2022-12-19: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 19: Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC

2022-12-19: lines classic and congested seasonal pattern shift

2022-12-19: #todayspoem from Daily Kerouac The page is long, blank, and full of truth. When I am through with …

2022-12-18: ice melts bird song fat as winter sun

2022-12-18: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 18: Back Door Santa by Clarence Carter

2022-12-18: #todayspoem by Magic Realism Bot A clockwork cathedral appears over Brooklyn. A philosopher knows …

2022-12-17: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 17: Winter Wonderland by Eurythmics

2022-12-17: gray cat waiting with sealed box curious

2022-12-17: #todayspoem haiku by Hayden Carruth Excellence requires leaf-rakers to sweep one spot nine times. …

2022-12-17: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 16: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky

2022-12-16: traffic pattern patched pavement memory of water

2022-12-16: Words are materials To be: sculpted shaped worked warped inspired by Alicia Eggert

2022-12-16: #todayspoem from Impossible Deer by Susan Nguyen Just this morning looking out from the deck, I saw …

2022-12-15: rough torn orange wedge horizon night bruised sky

2022-12-15: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 15: Christmas Lullaby by Arvo Pärt

2022-12-15: #todayspoem Cow Tools by Gary Larson

2022-12-14: ink wash train cars through the fog

2022-12-14: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 14: Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry

2022-12-14: #todayspoem from And Now, A Sonnet, the first in a crown

2022-12-13: horizon hung sun haze hanging from stop light wire shoes

2022-12-13: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 13: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Gene Autry

2022-12-13: #todayspoem from Hotbeds in Norfolk, Virginia by Ariana Benson Today, they flattened the house …

2022-12-12: farm tool rusting in memories of the deer running past

2022-12-12: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 12: White Christmas by Bill Orcutt

2022-12-11: windowpanes of warm light in the night hanging from a branch

2022-12-11: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 11: Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) by the Ramones

2022-12-11: #todayspoem from The Revisionist and the Astropastorals by Douglas Crase A reductionism that makes …

2022-12-10: A Manifesto of Sorts Learn to understand existence as being political.  Avoid art-world strategies.  Erase all …

2022-12-10: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 10: Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney

2022-12-10: flashes of white behind fallen brown grass in green leaves

2022-12-10: #todayspoem Jingle by Leonard Cohen To show the fat brain rotting like stumps of brown teeth in an …

2022-12-10: Finished reading: Let Us Compare Mythologies by Leonard Cohen 📚

2022-12-09: sky shard hops through rocks / leaves brown birds chasing / fleeing

2022-12-09: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 9: Christmas Time is Here by Khruangbin

2022-12-09: #todayspoem Possessed by Robert Black

2022-12-08: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 8: Father Christmas by The Kinks (maybe not for kids)

2022-12-08: door sends blue streaks to the sky


2022-12-08: #todayspoem haiku by Terri L. French maybe you could find your own house fly

2022-12-07: metronome of stacking boxes van doors rain drip drip drip drip drops

2022-12-07: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 7: Holiday Road by Matt Pond PA

2022-12-07: Finished reading: The Crown Derby Plate by Marjorie Bowen 📚

2022-12-06: cold dough the oven clicks rain drop off the gutter

2022-12-06: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 6: Socks by JD McPherson

2022-12-06: #todayspoem Omens by Danusha Laméris Out here, we read everything as a sign. The coyote in its …

2022-12-05: woodpecker expanding grid of holes on growing rings

2022-12-05: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 5: Skating by Vince Guaraldi Trio

2022-12-05: #todayspoem In the Language of Mammon from Pilgrim Bell by Kaveh Akbar specifically the impact this …

2022-12-04: Finished reading: Pilgrim Bell by Kaveh Akbar 📚 The first insect drawn by man was a locust. Art is …

2022-12-04: dogwood one leaf left red bobs a cardinal

2022-12-04: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 4: Christmas Song by Pasquale Grasso.

2022-12-04: #todayspoem haiku by Ben Gaa the river through the bar window bottleneck blues

2022-12-03: Finished reading: No Middle Name by Lee Child 📚

2022-12-03: rain drop hanging off the rusting leaf hanging off the branch

2022-12-03: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 3: Mi Burrito Sabanero by Calexico

2022-12-03: #todayspoem Using a Trot by Vito Hannibal Acconci He said: “Straight from the horse’s mouth.” He …

2022-12-02: school bus dusk stop & rave lights reflector tape

2022-12-02: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 2: Christmas In The Room by Sufjan Stevens

2022-12-01: 25 Songs of Christmas Day 1: Just Like Christmas by Low

2022-12-01: pink clouds a Jackson Pollock over sunset

2022-12-01: #todayspoem haiku by Ciarán Parkes solar panels turning rusty autumn leaves

2022-11-30: tumbling down the hill a crow flaps across the road

2022-11-30: #todayspoem from No Middle Name by Lee Child 📚 at the bottom of the sky there were dead fingers …

2022-11-29: streaks of pink in the darkening blue chimney silhouette

2022-11-29: #todayspoem haiku from ant ant ant ant ant you bring your constellation of gnats

2022-11-28: across the street santa slowly filling out leftover turkey

2022-11-28: #todayspoem The Park is Full of People by Michael Robbins It took me an hour to travel one hour into …

2022-11-27: flying under the power lines another little brown leaf

2022-11-27: #todayspoem {And Here, the Remains of a Field} by Alain Mabanckou translated by Nancy Naomi Carlson …

2022-11-26: circling the thanksgiving table turkey vulture?

2022-11-26: #todayspoem Autobiography in Five Short Chapters by Portia Nelson Chapter 1 I walk down the street. …

2022-11-25: bleaching the bath mat another leaf drifts down

2022-11-25: #todayspoem NOTES DURING LONG PHONE CONVERSATION WITH MOTHER by Lydia Davis for summer – she needs …

2022-11-24: fog passing under a streetlight train on unused tracks

2022-11-24: #todayspoem from The Thanksgiving Reader

2022-11-23: colder with every sip neglected coffee

2022-11-23: #todayspoem Elegy from Let Us Compare Mythologies by Leonard Cohen 📚 Do not look for him In brittle …

2022-11-22: idling / creeping / idling the light cycles again

2022-11-22: #todayspoem from Some eel thoughts by Michael Malay Their voyage thus describes a kind of sinewave, …

2022-11-21: tractor tiller still&emdash;rusted yellow fallen leaves

2022-11-21: #todayspoem from We’ll Meat Again by Benjamin Myers Rust smears a sunset over the quarantine station …

2022-11-20: nails rusted in the pine leaf blower drones

2022-11-20: #todayspoem from The Cows of Love Creek by Danusha Laméris This is not repentance, a gesture to …

2022-11-19: held note a pine top sways string scrape

2022-11-19: #todayspoem from Autumn’s Sun by Loren Connors Oct. I3 I sit here on the toilet thinking, Well, I …

2022-11-18: leaf pile rustles in the cold breeze wet shadow of one gone

2022-11-18: #todayspoem

2022-11-17: bird yowling like a cat from the alley flaps away

2022-11-17: #todayspoem haiga by Monica Plant When feeling doubtful, Why not consult a council of trees or of …

2022-11-16: deer bounds under power lines cutting sky into ribbons

2022-11-16: #todayspoem haiku by Johnny Baranski Sleepless night&emdash; moon-cast cell bars’ shadows lay on …

2022-11-15: pot holes filling with cold rain orange cones fallen against mismatched fence slats

2022-11-15: #todayspoem haiku by Johnny Baranski This heat! snow-clad mountains framed by the cell block window

2022-11-14: asleep in the long grass coyote stretches the sun down

2022-11-14: #todayspoem haiku by Jamie Everhart summer sunset a snake in the mouth of a snake

2022-11-13: stacking skeletons fallen limbs, some held by the living

2022-11-13: #todayspoem from Topsy-Turvy World by William Brighty Rands Ba-ba, black wool, Have you any sheep? …

2022-11-12: water rolls down the glass ice shifts - a dog barks

2022-11-12: #todayspoem from Recollections of My Nonexistence by Rebecca Solnit Growing up, we say, as though we …

2022-11-11: basho’s narrow road in the rain, lead piles at the curb

2022-11-11: #todayspoem haiku by Ramesh Anand sizzling noon buffalo walks away with the pond

2022-11-10: one leg from beneath the car rain picks up

2022-11-10: #todayspoem A Cottony Fate by Jane Hirshfield Long ago, someone told me: avoid or. It troubles the …

2022-11-09: leaves piled on the ground the birds, quiet

2022-11-09: #todayspoem from The Drought by J. G. Ballard

2022-11-08: thin branch made mostly bare yellowed leaves

2022-11-08: #todayspoem Halloween Haiku by Jone Rush MacCulloch scarecrow in the field wears last winter’s torn …

2022-11-07: the hours come at different times squirrels / up and down a tree the order the same the order the …

2022-11-07: #todayspoem The Blue in Beets by Erica Funkhouser The blue in beets comes and goes sometimes a …

2022-11-06: dead spider on the stove changing the clocks

2022-11-06: #todayspoem Time by John Wieners Why is it eternity lasts a moment a moment eternity? Are you quiet …

2022-11-05: sandwich half eaten the air hardens

2022-11-05: #todayspoem from sky hammer by Julian Talamantez Brolaski: I took my sky hammer & pounded out a …

2022-11-04: future gods of forgotten hymns, fallen squirrel food

2022-11-04: #todayspoem actually that mountain is clouds #haiku — ant ant ant ant ant (@ariariariariari) …

2022-11-03: rock fall of the clock hand a branch, falling

2022-11-03: #todayspoem Marble by Maggie Graber via Lue’s Poetry Hour Love, show me your teeth. Show me the …

2022-11-02: hawk standing in a once wild field hotel brick red head

2022-11-02: #todayspoem from 2/16 by Alice Notley

2022-11-01: fog thick burning off with the sun sweep of the hour hand

2022-10-31: 🎃🍂 pumpkin guts dried on the step quilt of fallen leaves

2022-10-31: #todayspoem via WeCroak The sense of a long last night over civilization is back again.

2022-10-30: look of rain hanging in the sky leaf spins in the breeze

2022-10-30: #todayspoem from The Woman Who Couldn’t Describe A Thing If She Could By Mary Ruefle a poem that …

2022-10-29: plant drooping under cool weight of autumn

2022-10-29: #todayspoem pic.twitter.com/g1iimsWSuU — Graphic Scores (@GraphicScoreBot) October 27, 2022

2022-10-28: signature of water blasted! through dirt

2022-10-28: #todayspoem from Look by Franny Choi

2022-10-27: machine tower slide behind a stand of bare trees beheaded

2022-10-27: #todayspoem

2022-10-26: #todayspoem from Devastation & Hope by J. Drew Lanham: I climbed up; watched a sharp-shinned …

2022-10-26: the sky once painted with sunrise now fog

2022-10-25: birds still on spread wings

2022-10-25: #todayspoem by Shido Bunan: Die while you’re alive, and be absolutely dead, Then do what ever …

2022-10-24: leaves: bronzing light: softening pumpkins: spiced

2022-10-24: #todayspoem Door in the Mountain by Jean Valentine

2022-10-23: personal landscape of leaves raked into books

2022-10-23: #todayspoem from J. Drew Lanham’s Sparrow Envy

2022-10-22: a bird hits the window a leaf fallen

2022-10-22: #todayspoem from A Coast-Nightmare by Christina Rossetti: … Only ghosts in flocks and shoals: …

2022-10-21: layers scraped away accrued again a cycle a circle

2022-10-21: #todayspoem A Blank White Page by Francisco X. Alarcón: is a meadow after a snowfall that a poem …

2022-10-20: bramble of blueberries now just a patch of dirt

2022-10-20: #todayspoem via tinywords

2022-10-19: sun sets water down the drain

2022-10-19: #todayspoem a haiku by David Oates: abandoned gas station paper cups bleaching in the weeds

2022-10-18: drone of deciduous destruction ice drops in the machine

2022-10-18: #todayspoem Who are all these strange ghosts rooted to the silly little adventure of earth with me? …

2022-10-17: old fluorescent cockroach clicking away

2022-10-17: Adjust the volume, shuffle the sequence… Austin Kleon A useful tip when iterating or editing a …

2022-10-16: smoke vining wax melt just cooling

2022-10-16: #todayspoem from How to Write by Anne Waldman: Once, on the Sixth Avenue bus I got a sudden …

2022-10-16: I need to adopt this mindset. Read all the Not/But strips at ToZo’s site. <img …

2022-10-15: #todayspoem an instrument made out of degraded magnetic tape and a patch of desert — …

2022-10-15: dirt turned over turned again

2022-10-14: #todayspoem The Drop Off by Molly Twomey: Everything’s a blur. You don’t play Talking Heads, Bob …

2022-10-14: stone shadow still until you blink for the Micro.blog Day in the Life Photo Challenge time taken: …

2022-10-13: saw passing through rings of time

2022-10-13: #todayspoem a butterfly is also made of dust Ogawa — Basho Society (@BashoSociety) September …

2022-10-12: rain water clock

2022-10-12: #todayspoem from Oblivion by Kevin Young: In the field the cows consider oblivion, mulling it over. …

2022-10-11: ghost white hunter’s moon fills the hours

2022-10-11: #todayspoem haiku by Goichi Imase the place higher than goose it is called the sky

2022-10-10: 7 flowers amongst dry stalks bare dirt

2022-10-10: #todayspoem Second Crow by Matthias Göritz, translated by Mary Jo Bang: … From the balcony, sliced …

2022-10-09: sand gone clear BANG! thrush gone still

2022-10-09: About #todayspoem I realized (after seeing her interact with some of my tweets about it (embarrassing)) that I have …

2022-10-09: #todayspeom \lev\ by J. Drew Lanham this selection is in honor of the thrush whose morning today …

2022-10-08: whirl pool of time in the limb

2022-10-08: #todayspoem from A Year’s Supply of Poetry by Patricia Finney: So quality is a difficult …

2022-10-07: whirl pool of time in the wind

2022-10-07: #todayspoem from Ode by Jane Huffman:  I was small and dizzying. I was dizzy. I rode in small and …

2022-10-06: wooden whirlwind of time

2022-10-06: #todays poem Haibun With Insects by Megan Kim here’s the haiku portion ~ Lightning bug, firefly I …

2022-10-05: bird song over the hood music empty bird bath

2022-10-05: #todayspoem What I Believe By Kimberly Blaeser I believe the weave of cotton will support my …

2022-10-04: fence pickets falling one by one by one tall weed still standing still

2022-10-04: #todayspoem Visitors by Joan Naviyuk Kane: Every door stands an open door: our human settlements …

2022-10-03: moon in blue sky sawdust

2022-10-03: #todayspoem haiku by Jacquie Pearce a boy swings a branch swings a boy

2022-10-02: #todayspoem The Atom No. 18 by Sarah Mangold

2022-10-02: grass bent heavy mower red oilless

2022-10-01: bananas browning leaves

2022-09-30: branch walks its leaves across the road

2022-09-29: time passing trains

2022-09-28: aren’t all islands dynamic in time of climate change?

2022-09-28: A (Multimedia) Poem I Like: DOWN LAND by Danny Hammond:

2022-09-27: from the roots of the dead tree red leaves

2022-09-27: A(n About This) Poem I Like: on Near the Shrine of Saint Naum by Najwan Darwish: Revelations have …

2022-09-26: breeze shifting leaves old notes a timer sounds

2022-09-26: A Haiku I Like by Bob Lucky: summer blues wisteria high in the branches of a dying tree

2022-09-25: From Matthew Zapruder’s intro to The Best American Poetry 2022, via Poet to Poet, on the role …

2022-09-25: A Haiku I Like by Ann K. Schwader in The Heron’s Nest: in this uncertain world dandelions

2022-09-25: foundation stripped of its structure donating baby clothes

2022-09-24: honking migrating geese neighborhood walking group

2022-09-24: (Minimalist) Writing lessons by way of Tom Spanbauer and Gordon Lish: You may not use …

2022-09-23: In minimalism, you look for as many different ways as possible to say the same over and over and …

2022-09-23: racing red light train strip center cemetery

2022-09-23: A Poem I Like: Poem Revised in a Twelfth-Floor Hotel Room After Seeing a Man in the Building Across …

2022-09-22: I collected my cloud-ku series into an ezine type thing, you can check it out here

2022-09-22: time flies falls just a butterfly

2022-09-21: do you remember the end of summer sky?

2022-09-20: A Poem(?) I Like: Sonic Verbs (68) by Marc Weidenbaum babble, bawl, bay, blow, bombinate, burble, …

2022-09-19: bubblegum pink / pop! / goes the witch you’re a rich riot grrrl state street banks / of money green …

2022-09-18: When the Airbnb turns out to be filled with poetry books. Poems 1962-2012 by Louise Glück 📚

2022-09-15: talking heads burning down the house breaking “news”

2022-09-15: A poem I like: A Future Game by Jeffrey Wells-Powers: I am pleased to announce Some of the things …

2022-09-13: A poem I like: sonnet no. xlviii, 2 by James Maynard i’m looking forward to this crown

2022-09-13: around the fallen tree re-fallen debris pile

2022-09-13: A poem I like: haiku by Renée Owen: against the currents black crow wind

2022-09-12: multiplying the dust bunnies

2022-09-12: A poem I like: haiku by Dustin Hackfeld A twilight of grackles— the old gate swings in the autumn …

2022-09-11: Some Poems I Like Let’s start this off with a piece that isn’t a poem. Or is it? A tragedy is a haunted …

2022-09-11: falling yellowed leaf raining again

2022-09-11: A poem I like: Mark Truscott : A DESCRIPTION A concatenation of enactment and resemblance of and in …

2022-09-10: A poem I like: Airsoft by A. Van Jordan: And toy guns masquerade as lethal guns in a boy’s …

2022-09-10: claw hammer possum the purple blooming beneath my thumbnail

2022-09-10: A poem I like: Foxglove Country by Zaffar Kunial Alone it becomes a small tangle, a witch’s …

2022-09-09: topographic map in clouds a dead hornet

2022-09-08: mouth full of needles squirrel steps gingerly

2022-09-08: Poem I Like: I’ve Got the Covid Blues by Tony Medina

2022-09-07: dead cat or plastic bag? against the curb

2022-09-06: we claim ownership with lines drawn in invisible ink

2022-09-05: standing next to the footless angel a cooked-necked crane

2022-09-03: siren song of a neighborhood emergency moths to a flame

2022-09-02: blue above the lit street light pink cloud shard moon

2022-09-01: crows laughing out of sight cackling cawing gone this cinquian inspired me to try my take on the …

2022-08-31: crow flaps a bang traffic

2022-08-30: b/le/a/e/ding edge

2022-08-29: dust clouds around the trees fenced in by red tape

2022-08-28: Creative Wisdom from Jason Isbell I don’t make country music. I don’t make pop music. I make folk music, really, with varying degrees …

2022-08-28: behind the fence golden-headed grass droops stepping off the duck slippery when wet

2022-08-27: raining acorns bounce

2022-08-26: brick wall butterfly flies away a bird

2022-08-25: mimetic theory and triangle roof joists recalculating… squirrel carrying a three acorn clover

2022-08-24: attic’s ribs bared to the sun behind the fence

2022-08-23: a crow laughs above a child’s cry

2022-08-22: lost in thought moss collects around the roots

2022-08-20: swaying seed-headed stalks dirt path one crow walking another

2022-08-19: rinse cycle rain suds in the bottom of the dishwasher

2022-08-18: first day of school and the spicing of pumpkins false fall

2022-08-17: m m m o o n m o o n n n

2022-08-16: chrome grill constellation reflecting the stars cloud cover

2022-08-15: armadillo across the grass ramshackle barn hawk watching the unkempt field police car fog collects …

2022-08-13: front loader overtaken and overgrown color of asbestos an island of horses rural highway

2022-08-12: corrugated gold bricks stacked 2 to the horizon lines: dashed and un red eyes blinking in the sun …

2022-08-11: orange cone megaphone spewing sewer water into the street corner

2022-08-10: summer rain a cold knife through hot butter

2022-08-09: floating on a fog of exhaust dead obsidian suv

2022-08-07: Recommended Reading 33/22 Before we begin, consider: Why Do You Love the Poem? family reunionthe broken chord of a wind chime …


2022-07-31: Haiku Problems [Haiku] is where I go to calm down and process what’s going on in [and around] my head. Simply …

2022-07-31: ceiling fan a slight sway pear tree greasy cardboard box a closet shelf

2022-07-18: Recommended Reading 30.22 Let’s start with a Letter to the Local Police by June Jordan. I don’t want to pull out …

2022-07-06: the sky charged and dancing temporal pond the green of the leaves after sunset summer storm

2022-07-03: leaves shaking still air stirred fan blades

2022-06-28: (The) Doors Love 8:12 open the door of forever change … psychedelic pill in the pepper mill crocodile …


2022-05-08: watching my heart metronome in my foot a good poem about moonlight, and more

2022-04-30: banana peel browned banana peeled brown mush like a cracked melon on the ground banana peel brown …

2022-04-21: chicken bird fossil feud flying through the hand drawn archives of and child like curiosity

2022-04-02: rolling over the tracks rain trains clouds

2022-04-02: Hi-Q: an end / a beginning Today (April 2, 2022) is the 3 year anniversary of Hi-Q as a daily project. Of this specific …

2022-04-02: branches once bare soften under spring sun

2022-04-01: petals popping open riot of roadside color

2022-03-31: buds redden the depth of field

2022-03-30: double taking fake fly in death repose

2022-03-29: spring blues the bird empties the feeder the bird, the empty feeder

2022-03-28: leaves rippling reflected sunlight water feature?

2022-03-27: cast off mirepoix under the coffee grounds

2022-03-26: shadow boxing box’s shadow unflappable

2022-03-25: hawks hover above clouds heavy with promise of rain // gray clouds heavy with rain hawks hover above

2022-03-24: birds sing home the stars

2022-03-23: baseball bat song in the red bud breeze

2022-03-22: spring arrives to find what the birds left behind

2022-03-21: the eyes through other eyes lane shift

2022-03-20: in the rain pear blossoms in the squirrel’s stomach

2022-03-19: pumpkin patch in the sourdough soda bread

2022-03-18: prismatic cloud changing light and clocks

2022-03-17: traincar loudly announcing its corn products

2022-03-16: 63 feet of mixed messages big rig

2022-03-15: the weight of water

2022-03-14: roadwork signs like wildflowers in the scrub

2022-03-13: watching for brake lights the groundhog looks on

2022-03-12: the drone of insects and fan through winter window

2022-03-11: through the dark rumble the window lights, briefly

2022-03-10: the air blows a different season into the room

2022-03-09: amidst the whirlwind bird watching

2022-03-08: light and sound show through the flat glass cord cutter

2022-03-07: heat but for a second then lingers

2022-03-06: bowl stained the colors of sunset frozen beets

2022-03-05: seeing landforms in the sky

2022-03-04: seasonal crossfade nostalgia mix

2022-03-03: last night: fire today: smoke siren song

2022-03-02: tracks signal blinks the backbeat arms up

2022-03-01: the many masks of deflection worn

2022-02-28: lines the only thing in the sky other than the fog

2022-02-27: like droplets the petals on the ground red

2022-02-26: last year still in the soil

2022-02-25: the field a pond rutted

2022-02-24: swerving to miss the squirrel unmoved

2022-02-23: a kerfuffle a winged rustle a stillness

2022-02-22: the door heaving on quiet paws

2022-02-21: mesmurmuration of arcing star winged lightning

2022-02-20: author other silicon valley darling not in their dictionary

2022-02-19: fuselage salvaged as fuel for the forest fire

2022-02-18: decoding lines the tickle of the brain

2022-02-17: missing the squirrel for the tail mid-flight warm socks

2022-02-16: two hearts floating into the transformer

2022-02-15: rainbows dropping into puddles like the frogpond

2022-02-14: year’s first warmth signals interstitial szn red stripe and reggae

2022-02-13: stop / start for the swing of launching clouds

2022-02-12: money blocks stacked and allotted

2022-02-11: together apart screen time freeze melt

2022-02-10: wisp emoji cloud memory

2022-02-09: black wing and dusk both fall

2022-02-08: branch length fallen with the wisps of nest

2022-02-07: stackin up schemes like pharoahs click bricks with wrist flicks

2022-02-06: blue rising into gray the horizon smears together water colors

2022-02-05: drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip a day washes by

2022-02-04: light show on the half dome look up from the light slab

2022-02-03: another new cycle of a different sort order

2022-02-02: a question to clarify itself circling back

2022-02-01: summer breeze through the walls droning in the cold morning

2022-01-31: turning the corner a flurry of movement tail nuts

2022-01-30: ripe summer red sun caught on ragged ridge of blue [img alt: sunset blood drop on jagged horizon]

2022-01-29: winter’s cobwebs gathered in the shade

2022-01-28: andes of the untamed mind on biological acid

2022-01-27: salt in the grounds the full-bodied wine of a day

2022-01-26: sunset clouds actually solid amber sun

2022-01-25: a curve’s memory control lost frame-in-frame

2022-01-24: paper stained with memories and what else?

2022-01-23: sky bare shelves before / after the storm

2022-01-22: the rot mushroom’s buffet the rot

2022-01-21: water drips through the bird song cacophony

2022-01-20: moth-eaten blanket in the sun dog-stained snow a warm breeze

2022-01-19: the spear a pond in its own rain [img alt: drip drip drip icicle in the sun]

2022-01-18: frozen rabbit eye white wolf moon

2022-01-17: summer growth autumn color winter blanket

2022-01-16: forever like cholesterol shilling diamonds bedazzled calphalon

2022-01-15: sunrise drips into predawn remnants stuck between the trees

2022-01-14: Hi-Q: v8 clouds puddles of shadow mirroring stop line asphalt oil stain

2022-01-12: layered lights all the way down then dusk

2022-01-11: rolling gallery wall signed by the pseudonym

2022-01-10: there is no difference from a distance between rock and water drop

2022-01-09: the lights beacons in the gray [img alt: two windows curtain pulls closer on the day]

2022-01-08: time passes over the candle wick like blown smoke crumbs [img alt: blown out cupcake wrapper …

2022-01-07: minor moments adding up to a major scale

2022-01-06: branches heavy with nuts and their gatherers

2022-01-05: tic tac treetop snagged the sky just realized that yesterday’s Hi-Q was the 1000th …

2022-01-04: between them more than their shared shade does wind make a sound?

2022-01-03: fortune favors the bold(ed) type

2022-01-02: found trifecta hit with a hammer

2022-01-01: a fresh start on the same old every day is the start of a new year

2021-12-31: another trip around the sun sequel or original concept?

2021-12-30: redacting fortunes from pulped tea leaves

2021-12-28: cow tools

2021-12-23: how to haiku

2021-12-21: the cycle begins anew brighter days ahead

2021-12-20: Hi-Q: anti-[ ]-biotic scrip for the pharma company store syringe binge Recommendation the rhythm achieved through …

2021-12-20: Hi-Q: hands like gasoline stone sheen smells of ancient sun and fossilized rot Recommendation i added this poem to my …

2021-12-18: the sweater sheds as you fold it in a little bit Recommendation schitt’s creek Hi-Q Time …

2021-12-16: Raise your antenna and tune into the transmissions waiting for you. Do not filter the signal, become …

2021-12-12: The Wire opened up access to this archived article on Alvin Lucier after he passed earlier this …

2021-12-04: chase what gives you goosebumps sends a shiver down your spine tingles your scalp chase what …

2021-11-14: Hey creative types, if you work on a piece that results in a physical artifact of some kind — …

2021-11-12: i loved fantasy books growing up. Redwall was my jam and i did a book report thing on The Hobbit in …

2021-11-11: I love this as a reason for writing a poem: But honestly, I probably wrote the poem because I liked …

2021-11-10: Haiku: Zen Haiku by Jonathan Clements 📚 This book is a lovely mix of two topics of interest to me …

2021-10-31: inktober day 31: risk

2021-10-31: october photoblogging challenge day 31: home

2021-10-30: inktober day 30: slither

2021-10-30: october photoblogging challenge day 30: red

2021-10-29: october photoblogging challenge day 29: cycle

2021-10-29: inktober day 29: patch

2021-10-28: inktober day 28: crispy

2021-10-28: microtober day 28: underneath

2021-10-27: inktober day 27: spark

2021-10-27: october photoblogging challenge day 27: chaos it was begging for a low key glitch

2021-10-26: inktober day 26: connect or, since i couldn’t read my own handwriting, correct seems a perfect, …

2021-10-26: october photoblog challenge day 26: bliss

2021-10-25: inktober day 25: splat went apple picking over the weekend so apples are fresh on the mind

2021-10-25: October photoblog day 25: gravity

2021-10-24: microtober challenge day 24: connection

2021-10-24: inktober day 24: extinct

2021-10-23: october photoblogging challenge day 23: meaning

2021-10-23: inktober day 23: leak

2021-10-22: inktober day 22: open open hearted door wanted to try my hand at pattern after seeing the cover for …

2021-10-22: october photo challenge day 22: rest

2021-10-21: microtober day 21: space

2021-10-21: inktober day 21: fuzzy

2021-10-20: inktober day 20: sprout

2021-10-20: october photoblogging challenge day 20: sports

2021-10-19: inktober day 19: loop inspired by aram saroyan’s minimal poems

2021-10-19: october photoblogging challenge day 19: mirror

2021-10-18: inktober day 18: moon i seem to have a creative crush on the moon so this one was fun

2021-10-18: October Photoblogging Day 18: finished

2021-10-17: inktober day 17: collide

2021-10-17: microtober day 17: compass

2021-10-17: John Stevenson on Haiku “Haiku inspirations seem like dreams to me, in the sense that they have to be recorded as soon as …

2021-10-16: inktober day 16: compass

2021-10-16: microtober day 16: rotation

2021-10-15: microtober day 15: ethereal i also used this for today’s entry in my Hi-Q project

2021-10-15: inktober day 15: helmet inspired by true events

2021-10-14: microtober day 14: wheels aka the daily routine

2021-10-14: inktober day 14: tick blood on the brain

2021-10-13: inktober day 13: roof inspired by the affectionately(?) named “murder shed” in our …

2021-10-13: microtober day 13: animals

2021-10-12: inktober day 12: stuck

2021-10-12: microtober day 12: legend legend has it there is a cave a cave in which lives a mouth a mouth that …

2021-10-11: microtober day 11: hygge

2021-10-11: inktober day 11: sour 🍺

2021-10-10: Microtober challenge day 10: bridges no structural engineers were harmed (or consulted) in the …

2021-10-10: inktober day 10: pick

2021-10-09: inktober day 9: pressure

2021-10-09: microtober day 9: safe go sox

2021-10-08: inktober day 8: watch aka fun with words

2021-10-08: microtober day 8: twilight

2021-10-07: inktober day 7: fan

2021-10-07: This recipe for a good life doubles as a strategy for writing haiku: McPhee seems to have …

2021-10-07: microtober day 7: spice couldn’t resist october + orange background on the prompt + …

2021-10-06: inktober day 6: spirit inspired by our decorations this year

2021-10-06: microtober photo challenge day 6: street

2021-10-05: nktober day 5: raven

2021-10-05: october photo challenge day 5: toy

2021-10-04: day 3: sharp

2021-10-04: inktober day 3: knot

2021-10-03: inktober day 3: vessel

2021-10-03: day 3: majority

2021-10-02: inktober 2: suit (img alt: in its mourning suit crow ruminates down the road)

2021-10-02: day 2: dark (img alt: dark crow feather evening sky)

2021-10-01: hell, why not make it three-a-day and do inktober while i’m at it [img alt: spirit filled …

2021-10-01: i’ve been doing a daily haiku email for a few years now so decided why not add another daily …

2020-02-07: stackin up schemes like pharoahs click bricks with wrist flicks