2022-01-27: salt in the grounds the full-bodied wine of a day

2022-01-26: sunset clouds actually solid amber sun

2022-01-25: a curve’s memory control lost frame-in-frame

2022-01-24: paper stained with memories and what else?

2022-01-23: sky bare shelves before / after the storm

2022-01-22: the rot mushroom’s buffet the rot

2022-01-21: water drips through the bird song cacophony

2022-01-20: moth-eaten blanket in the sun dog-stained snow a warm breeze

2022-01-19: the spear a pond in its own rain [img alt: drip drip drip icicle in the sun]

2022-01-18: frozen rabbit eye white wolf moon

2022-01-17: summer growth autumn color winter blanket

2022-01-16: forever like cholesterol shilling diamonds bedazzled calphalon

2022-01-15: sunrise drips into predawn remnants stuck between the trees

2022-01-14: Hi-Q: v8 clouds puddles of shadow mirroring stop line asphalt oil stain

2022-01-12: layered lights all the way down then dusk

2022-01-11: rolling gallery wall signed by the pseudonym

2022-01-10: there is no difference from a distance between rock and water drop

2022-01-09: the lights beacons in the gray [img alt: two windows curtain pulls closer on the day]

2022-01-08: time passes over the candle wick like blown smoke crumbs [img alt: blown out cupcake wrapper wrapped …

2022-01-07: minor moments adding up to a major scale

2022-01-06: branches heavy with nuts and their gatherers

2022-01-05: tic tac treetop snagged the sky just realized that yesterday’s Hi-Q was the 1000th consecutive …

2022-01-04: between them more than their shared shade does wind make a sound?

2022-01-03: fortune favors the bold(ed) type

2022-01-02: found trifecta hit with a hammer

2022-01-01: a fresh start on the same old every day is the start of a new year

2021-12-31: another trip around the sun sequel or original concept?

2021-12-30: redacting fortunes from pulped tea leaves

2021-12-28: cow tools

2021-12-23: how to haiku

2021-12-21: the cycle begins anew brighter days ahead

2021-12-20: Hi-Q: anti-[ ]-biotic scrip for the pharma company store syringe binge Recommendation the rhythm achieved through …

2021-12-20: Hi-Q: hands like gasoline stone sheen smells of ancient sun and fossilized rot Recommendation i added this poem to my …

2021-12-18: the sweater sheds as you fold it in a little bit Recommendation schitt’s creek Hi-Q Time …

2021-12-16: Raise your antenna and tune into the transmissions waiting for you. Do not filter the signal, become …

2021-12-12: The Wire opened up access to this archived article on Alvin Lucier after he passed earlier this …

2021-12-04: chase what gives you goosebumps sends a shiver down your spine tingles your scalp chase what …

2021-11-14: Hey creative types, if you work on a piece that results in a physical artifact of some kind — …

2021-11-12: i loved fantasy books growing up. Redwall was my jam and i did a book report thing on The Hobbit in …

2021-11-11: I love this as a reason for writing a poem: But honestly, I probably wrote the poem because I liked …

2021-11-10: Haiku: Zen Haiku by Jonathan Clements 📚 This book is a lovely mix of two topics of interest to me …

2021-10-31: inktober day 31: risk

2021-10-31: october photoblogging challenge day 31: home

2021-10-30: inktober day 30: slither

2021-10-30: october photoblogging challenge day 30: red

2021-10-29: october photoblogging challenge day 29: cycle

2021-10-29: inktober day 29: patch

2021-10-28: inktober day 28: crispy

2021-10-28: microtober day 28: underneath

2021-10-27: inktober day 27: spark

2021-10-27: october photoblogging challenge day 27: chaos it was begging for a low key glitch

2021-10-26: inktober day 26: connect or, since i couldn’t read my own handwriting, correct seems a perfect, …

2021-10-26: october photoblog challenge day 26: bliss

2021-10-25: inktober day 25: splat went apple picking over the weekend so apples are fresh on the mind

2021-10-25: October photoblog day 25: gravity

2021-10-24: microtober challenge day 24: connection

2021-10-24: inktober day 24: extinct

2021-10-23: october photoblogging challenge day 23: meaning

2021-10-23: inktober day 23: leak

2021-10-22: inktober day 22: open open hearted door wanted to try my hand at pattern after seeing the cover for …

2021-10-22: october photo challenge day 22: rest

2021-10-21: microtober day 21: space

2021-10-21: inktober day 21: fuzzy

2021-10-20: inktober day 20: sprout

2021-10-20: october photoblogging challenge day 20: sports

2021-10-19: inktober day 19: loop inspired by aram saroyan’s minimal poems

2021-10-19: october photoblogging challenge day 19: mirror

2021-10-18: inktober day 18: moon i seem to have a creative crush on the moon so this one was fun

2021-10-18: October Photoblogging Day 18: finished

2021-10-17: inktober day 17: collide

2021-10-17: microtober day 17: compass

2021-10-17: John Stevenson on Haiku “Haiku inspirations seem like dreams to me, in the sense that they have to be recorded as soon as …

2021-10-16: inktober day 16: compass

2021-10-16: microtober day 16: rotation

2021-10-15: microtober day 15: ethereal i also used this for today’s entry in my Hi-Q project

2021-10-15: inktober day 15: helmet inspired by true events

2021-10-14: microtober day 14: wheels aka the daily routine

2021-10-14: inktober day 14: tick blood on the brain

2021-10-13: inktober day 13: roof inspired by the affectionately(?) named “murder shed” in our …

2021-10-13: microtober day 13: animals

2021-10-12: inktober day 12: stuck

2021-10-12: microtober day 12: legend legend has it there is a cave a cave in which lives a mouth a mouth that …

2021-10-11: microtober day 11: hygge

2021-10-11: inktober day 11: sour 🍺

2021-10-10: Microtober challenge day 10: bridges no structural engineers were harmed (or consulted) in the …

2021-10-10: inktober day 10: pick

2021-10-09: inktober day 9: pressure

2021-10-09: microtober day 9: safe go sox

2021-10-08: inktober day 8: watch aka fun with words

2021-10-08: microtober day 8: twilight

2021-10-07: inktober day 7: fan

2021-10-07: This recipe for a good life doubles as a strategy for writing haiku: >McPhee seems to have …

2021-10-07: microtober day 7: spice couldn’t resist october + orange background on the prompt + …

2021-10-06: inktober day 6: spirit inspired by our decorations this year

2021-10-06: microtober photo challenge day 6: street

2021-10-05: nktober day 5: raven

2021-10-05: october photo challenge day 5: toy

2021-10-04: day 3: sharp

2021-10-04: inktober day 3: knot

2021-10-03: inktober day 3: vessel

2021-10-03: day 3: majority

2021-10-02: inktober 2: suit (img alt: in its mourning suit crow ruminates down the road)

2021-10-02: day 2: dark (img alt: dark crow feather evening sky)

2021-10-01: hell, why not make it three-a-day and do inktober while i’m at it [img alt: spirit filled …

2021-10-01: i’ve been doing a daily haiku email for a few years now so decided why not add another daily …