Words are materials

To be:

inspired by Alicia Eggert


Learn to understand existence as being political. 
Avoid art-world strategies. 
Erase all known isms. 
Don’t succumb to populist aesthetics. 
Remove the notion of me. 
Eliminate that which qualifies as a narrative. 
Learn to live by the philosophy of jazz. 
Only fools want to be famous (avoid at all cost). 
Remain true to myself

Adjust the volume, shuffle the sequence…

A useful tip when iterating or editing a composition (whether visual, audio, or written).

Sometimes all the ingredients are there, you just need to tweak the recipe.

A couple blocks with more thoughts on this over on are.na.

I need to adopt this mindset.

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<img src=“https://www.kyletm.com/uploads/2022/c352795fd4.png" width=“600” height=“456” alt=“a Not/But comic strip by ToZo saying the decision is not “I’m making a book” which can make it feel like the to-do is done but to decide “I’m making a book every day for the next two years”">