leaves shaking still air stirred fan blades

watching my heart
in my foot

_a good poem about moonlight, and more_

John Stevenson on Haiku

“Haiku inspirations seem like dreams to me, in the sense that they have to be recorded as soon as possible. Even a short delay can cause them to evaporate… The application of craftsmanship can be accomplished at leisure but inspiration is precious and fleeting.”

“My favorite kind of English-language haiku is likely to seem so simple and transparent in the first reading that it seems almost nothing. But it rewards subsequent readings, sometimes many subsequent readings, and continues to “unfold” over time.”

from The Haiku Foundation’s New to Haiku series

hell, why not make it three-a-day and do inktober while i’m at it

[img alt: spirit filled crystal skull raided, busted, and rescued]

i’ve been doing a daily haiku email for a few years now so decided why not add another daily haiku to the pile and join in the october photo challenge. day 1: touch

[img alt: paintbrush touch of unmown grass]