flowers in house winter
blooming before the freeze

sun baked question mark snake lost its skin

cloud inkwashed ridgeline

driftwood washed up on shore of landlocked train tracks

90% of blooms dropped while others begin to bud

wooden nickel moon reflecting poultry processing plant

red & blue all over orange poking through fall’s leaves

leafing pear
dandruff in the wind

stacked stars
the sky indigoing
above the parking lot

blooming pear
in the wind
spring snow

rear view / limbed telephone pole / pushing a stroller

white petals becoming green leaves

wet february
cairn of sticks
atop storm drain

opossum teeth
purple ditch flowers
a golf cart sputters

red bloom
against road gray sky
a woolen quiet

sign about signs
next to
sign about stopping

fallen tree still blooming

birds singing the sun up


birds singing sunrise

invaders blooming amongst the natives

at the curb
$5 bill

Spring Invading

brown box
of brown boxes
boxing in

Spring Invading

leafless tree
filled with birdsong
distant chainsaw

Spring Invading

asphalt bedded stream of rainbows

Spring Invading

ice shards
on the floor
February blooms

List of Dead Things

brown box
of brown boxes
from beige box

List of Dead Things

based on
the word
of the likes
of him?
forced air

List of Dead Things

curio city

List of Dead Things

after the rain
more than water

List of Dead Things

erratic tree bark
to another branch

List of Dead Things

taking the stand
orange banded trees
death row

List of Dead Things


List of Dead Things

sun’s angle
through long night

List of Dead Things

let’s talk about [memory]
[rose gold] age
of aquarium drinking

List of Dead Things

sprayed green trees
tire spine roadkill

List of Dead Things

half done lock
hinging open
chicken wing

List of Dead Things

flown off
[zone / cosm]
leaving an absence

List of Dead Things

pipes stacked
awaiting burial
bale of barbed wire
with leaves for barbs

List of Dead Things

in a cabinet

List of Dead Things

gray wind
goes and goes and goes and goes
through empty spots

List of Dead Things

white shag rice
broccoli in the weave
beef feet

List of Dead Things

hollowed ground
a closet full of steam
water runs

List of Dead Things

sticks in the wind
seed pods, squashed
bright red
above oil black seeds

List of Dead Things

concrete water tomb

List of Dead Things

graffiti / gears / ground / halted / blocked / still, life

List of Dead Things

if you want
incorporate yourself

List of Dead Things

black pipe
through the low point
train tracks

List of Dead Things

from rock

List of Dead Things

pebble / seed
in the furrow

List of Dead Things

white banded
wings through the rain
fallen tree

List of Dead Things

petro fried
le miz keyfabe
um, what were we talking about?

List of Dead Things

tropical plant in january stewed greens

List of Dead Things

sunbleached bleach bottle bird song

List of Dead Things

recycling center
used needle
in an oil spill


from Variations on a Theme by Elizabeth Bishop by John Murillo

…Learn to lose as if
your life depended on it. Learn that your life
 depends on it

List of Dead Things

plastic bag
caught / catching
chilled rain

List of Dead Things

strip mall after sunset
finger nail clipping reflection
in the storm drain

List of Dead Things

plastic grass
jade shards reflecting
low winter sun

List of Dead Things

class deadcount

List of Dead Things

styrofoam snow
dusting the puddle

List of Dead Things

train whistle quack
clouds curled like dragon whiskers
racing down


List of Dead Things

became death, destroyer of worlds
just bird tools
for kickin' up bugs

List of Dead Things

slab of glued sand
in sun cracked parking lot
neon lit night

doors sliding open, closed
for circling bat

List of Dead Things

because that’s what you do to it
attention vampire

List of Dead Things

azalea blooms: brown
to the branches

List of Dead Things

tattered clouds
across full moon face
silent night

List of Dead Things

deer head in a storm drain

List of Dead Things

cold rock
hanging in blue vacuum
above bundled wooden sticks

List of Dead Things

r. hole filled with lightning
a. tar ridden
i. whitewater runoff
n. pothole weather

List of Dead Things

snakeskin shoulder line
worn, flattened
empty toothpaste tube

List of Dead Things

last year’s whistle
through first new morning

List of Dead Things

another year
for the fire pit


List of Dead Things

old gods
new gods
gods that don’t look like us

List of Dead Things

v. captured
o. fallen sunlight
i. piled high
d. recaptured

List of Dead Things


leaf blown drone
dance of the deciduous
solar panels

List of Dead Things

box of
dark glass filled
with extractions
with the taste
of blood

List of Dead Things

frozen field
gone dormant

List of Dead Things

felled tree
fallen again
one plastic red berry

25 Songs of Christmas

Day 25: Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses

List of Dead Things

dry seed headed stalks
bobbing a bird
into frozen sky

List of Dead Things


List of Dead Things

jeweled drops
pulled from hidden tumor rot
dazzling in the runoff

List of Dead Things

pile of
frost-lipped leaves
sleet bounces

rippled solstice sky
a slow train through
the intersection

fall ends / winter begins


pine beetle chew
sound of sleet
in leaves

classic and congested
seasonal pattern shift

ice melts
bird song
fat as winter sun

gray cat
with sealed box

traffic pattern patched pavement
memory of water

rough torn orange wedge horizon night bruised sky

ink wash
train cars through
the fog

horizon hung sun haze
hanging from stop light wire

farm tool rusting
in memories of the deer
running past

of warm light in the night
hanging from a branch

flashes of white
behind fallen brown grass
in green leaves

sky shard
through rocks / leaves
brown birds
chasing / fleeing

sends blue streaks
to the sky

metronome of
stacking boxes
van doors

25 Songs of Christmas

Day 7: Holiday Road by Matt Pond PA

cold dough
the oven clicks
rain drop off the gutter

woodpecker expanding
grid of holes
on growing rings

one leaf left
a cardinal

rain drop
off the rusting leaf
off the branch

school bus dusk
stop & rave lights
reflector tape

pink clouds
a Jackson Pollock
over sunset

down the hill a crow
flaps across the road

streaks of pink
in the darkening blue
chimney silhouette

across the street
santa slowly filling out
leftover turkey

under the power lines
another little brown leaf

the thanksgiving table
turkey vulture?

bleaching the bath mat
another leaf drifts

fog passing
under a streetlight
train on unused tracks

with every sip
neglected coffee

idling / creeping / idling
the light cycles

tractor tiller
still&emdash;rusted yellow
fallen leaves

rusted in the pine
leaf blower drones

held note
a pine top sways
string scrape

leaf pile
rustles in the cold breeze
wet shadow of one gone

yowling like a cat from the alley
flaps away

deer bounds under
power lines cutting
sky into ribbons

pot holes
filling with cold rain
orange cones fallen

against mismatched
fence slats

asleep in the long grass
coyote stretches
the sun down

stacking skeletons
fallen limbs, some held
by the living

water rolls down the glass
ice shifts - a dog

basho’s narrow road
in the rain, lead piles
at the curb

one leg
from beneath the car
rain picks up

piled on the ground
the birds, quiet

thin branch
made mostly bare
yellowed leaves

the hours
come at different times
squirrels / up and down a tree

the order the same
the order the same

dead spider
on the stove
changing the clocks

half eaten
the air hardens

gods of forgotten hymns, fallen
squirrel food

rock fall
of the clock hand
a branch, falling

hawk standing
in a once wild field
hotel brick red head

burning off
with the sun sweep
of the hour hand


pumpkin guts
dried on the step
quilt of fallen leaves

look of rain
hanging in the sky
leaf spins in the breeze

under cool weight of autumn

signature of water
through dirt

machine tower slide
behind a stand of bare trees

the sky
once painted with sunrise
now fog

on spread wings

leaves: bronzing
light: softening
pumpkins: spiced

personal landscape
of leaves raked
into books

a bird hits the window
a leaf

  scraped away
  accrued again

a cycle
a circle

bramble of blueberries
now just
a patch of dirt

sun sets water down the drain

drone of deciduous destruction
drops in the machine

old fluorescent
clicking away

smoke vining
wax melt
just cooling

turned over
turned again

stone shadow
until you blink

for the Micro.blog Day in the Life Photo Challenge

time taken: 0823 EDT
location: Greenville, SC

passing through
rings of time

ghost white
hunter’s moon
fills the hours

7 flowers
amongst dry stalks
bare dirt

sand gone clear
thrush gone still

whirl pool
of time
in the limb

whirl pool
of time
in the wind

wooden whirlwind
of time

bird song
over the hood music
empty bird bath

fence pickets
one by
one by
one tall weed

still standing

in blue sky


walks its leaves
across the road

aren’t all islands
dynamic in time
of climate change?

from the roots
of the dead tree
red leaves

shifting leaves
old notes
a timer

stripped of its structure
donating baby clothes

migrating geese
walking group

red light train
strip center cemetery

time flies
a butterfly

do you remember
the end of
summer sky?

talking heads
burning down the house
breaking “news”

around the fallen tree
debris pile

the dust bunnies

yellowed leaf
raining again

claw hammer possum
the purple blooming
beneath my thumbnail

map in clouds
a dead hornet

mouth full of needles
steps gingerly

dead cat
or plastic bag?
against the curb

we claim ownership
with lines drawn
in invisible ink

standing next
to the footless angel
a cooked-necked crane

siren song of
a neighborhood emergency
moths to a flame

the lit street
light pink cloud shard

out of sight
cackling cawing

this cinquian inspired me to try my take on the form, using the stress count by line as a syllable count.

and here is what the Stable Diffusion text-to-image AI model thought this Hi-Q should look like.

crow flaps a bang traffic

dust clouds
around the trees
fenced in by red tape

behind the fence
golden-headed grass

stepping off the duck slippery when wet

brick wall
butterfly flies away
a bird

mimetic theory and
triangle roof joists

carrying a three
acorn clover

attic’s ribs
bared to the sun
behind the fence

a crow laughs above a child’s cry

lost in thought
moss collects around
the roots


dirt path
one crow walking

rinse cycle rain
suds in the bottom of
the dishwasher

first day of school and
the spicing of pumpkins
false fall

m   m
m o o n
m o o n
    n n

chrome grill constellation
reflecting the stars
cloud cover

across the grass
ramshackle barn

watching the unkempt field
police car

fog collects
in the dark side of the mountain

front loader
overtaken and overgrown
color of asbestos

an island of horses
rural highway

corrugated gold bricks
stacked 2 to the horizon

dashed and un

red eyes blinking
in the sun spots

orange cone megaphone
spewing sewer water
into the street corner

summer rain
a cold knife through
hot butter

floating on a fog of exhaust dead obsidian suv

ceiling fan
a slight sway
pear tree

greasy cardboard box
a closet shelf

leaves shaking still air stirred fan blades


a rainbow of emoji hearts

Love 8:12
open the door
of forever change

psychedelic pill
in the pepper mill

pine bark, rough, artifically tinted green like crocodile skin, offset to the far right of a narrow, horizontal rectangle

crocodile skinned pine
through the door
to fireflies

I quite like the poem Door in the Mountain by Jean Valentine

a screen shot of the poem Door in the Mountain by Jean Valentine: Never ran this hard through the valley never ate so many starsI was carrying a dead deer tied on to my neck and shoulders.deer legs hanging in front of me heavy on my chestPeople are not wanting to let me inDoor in the mountain let me in

a brush pen abstraction of a door with two sidelights, the frame propped against it

& the doorframe
propped, a kickstand
for lease facade rot

a less abstract brush pen drawing of a door with two sidelights, the frame propped against it

I also quite like the poem Losing A Language from The Trees Witness Everything by Victoria Chang

losing a language by Victoria Chang:We were born with alarge door on our backs. When willwe know it if opens?

Maybe I have a thing for door poems…

a wingding heart and the empty rectangles of missing characters, a rainbow made grayscale and uniform

watching my heart
in my foot

a good poem about moonlight, and more

chicken bird
fossil feud
flying through
the hand drawn archives
of and child like curiosity

dishwasher advancing and retreating on the ears thank you you’re welcome

raindrops glass fly’s eye of headlights

rolling over the tracks


Today (April 2, 2022) is the 3 year anniversary of Hi-Q as a daily project. Of this specific instance of my haiku obsession, er, journey.

Today is also the end of this particular incarnation of that obsession (for now?). After somewhere around 1,100 consuctive days of Hi-Q (if my math is correct).

I started entertaining the thought the other day, and then realized that day happened to be the 3 year anniversary of the Instagram post that kicked this whole thing off.

Hi-Q will live on, but in new formats and experiments. My immediate, post-daily poem plans are to organize the archives and create some book-like objects to house them. It’s something I’ve been meaning and wanting to do for a while, so now is the time. Plus, I might learn some things that come in handy for future Hi-Q experiments.

What are these new experiments and formats I keep hinting at? Haven’t the foggiest! But I think the broadstroke ideas fall into three general categories:

  • Collections (zines, books, pamphlets, cycles, vignettes, etc.).
  • Physical artifacts (typewriter art pieces, textile, paint, landscape works, who knows)
  • Digitally-native artifacts (podcast, audio poems, animated pieces, hyperlink works, pieces that can only exist because of technology)

I also just want to read, think, and write more about haiku, not just make haiku. I think I hit a point where the daily aspect of this current version became more primary than the haiku portion. I need to disrupt that habitual rhythm in order to explore (I already feel more excited about and creative with haiku again since making this decision).

Over the past few years of doing this I’ve collected a group of questions that will likely lead my future experiments. They are:

  • What is a modern haiku? What makes a haiku modern?
  • What is a punk haiku?
  • What would be a future haiku? What pushes the form/genre forward?
  • What would a mixed media haiku look/feel/sound/smell/taste like?
  • What would make a haiku web-native?
  • How does haiku, as an art form, remain timeless while also being timely? (Doesn’t it seem like a form created for the current age?)
  • The most existential: what is haiku?
  • And, probably the biggest one: am I good enough to get published?

All that to say, things around here will be different, but they will still be haiku.

If you want to stay plugged in, you can subscribe to the mailing list or follow this blog via rss or monthly email zine.

spring softening winter’s sharp edges

once bare
soften under spring sun

spring young on the branches summer’s haze rising on the horizon

petals popping open
riot of roadside color

red buds brushing the blue sky hawk's wing

the depth of field

fake fly fuzz

double taking
fake fly
in death repose

blue picking through the shells bird

spring blues
the bird empties the feeder
the bird, the empty feeder

in the breeze mistaking a treetop for water

leaves rippling
reflected sunlight
water feature?

compost bin brewing a heady broth honeyed foil

cast off
mirepoix under
the coffee grounds

box’s shadow boxing the boxwood(')s in the breeze

shadow boxing
box’s shadow

hawks  gray clouds  thoughts of rain all hover

hawks hover above
clouds heavy
with promise of rain
gray clouds
heavy with rain
hawks hover above

cat grin moon over an alarm of birds

sing home
the stars

flowers in the south wind’s hair

baseball bat song
in the red bud

first day of spring in the feeder nothing but shells

spring arrives
to find
what the birds
left behind

lots around you it’s the eyes you can’t see that are magic

the eyes
through other eyes
lane shift

pear blossoms in the rain in the squirrel’s stomach

in the rain
pear blossoms
in the squirrel’s stomach

hunting for four-leafs sweet mustard

pumpkin patch
in the sourdough
soda bread

after the rain cloud prism behind bars

prismatic cloud
changing light
and clocks

blackened steel shaped to an unformed ear corn products

loudly announcing
its corn products

our 1 value resource 63 feet white space

63 feet
of mixed messages
big rig

driving through the mist under the water tower

the weight of water

77 signs blossoming, orange warning

roadwork signs
like wildflowers
in the scrub

the groundhog popping up by the road

watching for brake lights
the groundhog
looks on

not yet spring sounds of summer through the screen

the drone of
insects and fan through
winter window


through the dark
the window lights, briefly

sipping tea localized heat wave

the air
blows a different season
into the room

monkey mind a cardinal joins for breakfast

amidst the whirlwind
bird watching

through the window shattered rainbow sporadic chime occasional bird

light and sound
show through the flat glass
cord cutter

burn blooms across the wrist ice, melting

but for a second
then lingers

sauced beets a red bird in the feeder

bowl stained
the colors of sunset
frozen beets

the ocean of a cloud / blue mountain sky

seeing landforms
in the sky

a pile of last summer in the corner stained shingles

seasonal crossfade
nostalgia mix

smoke now a memory charred shed

last night: fire
today: smoke
siren song

chicken lickin’ radio waves railroad crossing signals the groove

signal blinks the backbeat
arms up


the many masks
of deflection

lines crisscross the fog knotted rope

the only thing in the sky
other than the fog

petals red fallen

like droplets
the petals on the ground

potted dry stalk snapped

last year
in the soil

tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap rivers spontaneous rivulets

the field
a pond

squirrel in the road not running away

swerving to miss
the squirrel

the hawk! chases into a magnolia then—silence

a kerfuffle
a winged rustle
a stillness

cat scratches breath into the door

the door
on quiet paws


of arcing star winged

bass i’m basil a name taken “corrected” …

author other
silicon valley darling
not in their dictionary

sky comma the plane stalls out crumpled paper

salvaged as fuel
for the forest fire

plague house splotches of red cardinal

decoding lines
the tickle
of the brain

squirrel tail through the air dryer lint

missing the squirrel for the tail
warm socks

tied hearts tangled between the lines electric

two hearts
into the transformer

donating rainbows outgrown with last year’s storms

dropping into puddles
like the frogpond

red stripe ripples on the water basslines

year’s first warmth
signals interstitial szn
red stripe and reggae

from the blue a dimpled cloud dead grass.jpg

stop / start
for the swing
of launching clouds


money blocks
stacked and

text: “zoom meet team verbs of connection unstable reconnect?” blinking on and off like the connections we use as a proxy for connection

screen time freeze melt

emoji cloud wisp of a memory of destruction

wisp emoji
cloud memory

crow wings close on the branch nightfall

black wing
and dusk
both fall

text: “pulling nails nest wall fallen limb” on a rough brush pen sketch of a fallen limb and the graffiti wisps of an animal nest

branch length
fallen with the
wisps of nest

schemin pyramids in the sky sun-kissed brick click stackstackstack

stackin up schemes
like pharoahs click bricks
with wrist flicks

text: “layers of bare trees stacked like firewood into the distance blue” on a digital watercolor facsimile of the blue ridge foothills receding into the monocrhome sky, charcoal trunks amongst the bare branches

blue rising into gray
the horizon smears together
water colors

drizzzzzzzzzzzzzzle (in typewriter-style font arrayed across the page like rain drops falling from the concrete sky

a day washes by

stars neon flicker to bright dancing gas to time

light show
on the half dome
look up from the light slab

another new cycle
of a different sort

the wolf at the backdoor another new year  new moon

a question to
clarify itself
circling back

conversational ouroboros the question mark eats its own ass

summer breeze
through the walls
droning in the cold morning

hummmmmming like power lines fake summer

turning the corner
a flurry of movement

squirrel tailed buddha scrambling drops its nuts

ripe summer red sun
caught on
ragged ridge of blue

[img alt: sunset blood drop on jagged horizon]

winter’s cobwebs
in the shade

drainage ditch stubborn snow creek

andes of the
untamed mind on
biological acid

salt in the grounds
the full-bodied wine of
a day

espresso blood the clattering of teeth typing time

sunset clouds
actually solid
amber sun

purple mountains majestic waning of day of moon civics cycles

a curve’s memory
control lost

like a smile stuck on his tongue cheese dust

with memories and
what else?

blood or wine? the towel from my submersion resurfaced

sky bare shelves
before / after
the storm

sky bare of blue like panicked shelves

the rot
mushroom’s buffet
the rot

a haven for the caretakers the rot

water drips through the bird song cacophony

rain melt a flurry of birds silver screen sky

moth-eaten blanket in the sun
dog-stained snow
a warm breeze

pristine snow misshapen, leaves the dog shits

the spear
a pond
in its own rain

[img alt: drip drip drip icicle in the sun]

rabbit eye white
wolf moon

the moon is filled with wolves muffler howl

summer growth
autumn color
winter blanket

golden heads fresh fallen and falling falling

forever like cholesterol
shilling diamonds
bedazzled calphalon

millions of diamonds frying up fatback money back

sunrise drips
into predawn remnants
stuck between the trees

inkwash sunrise light drips down the trees

HI-Q: V8

puddles of shadow
stop line asphalt
oil stain

oil slick sky over oil slicked veins v8

rolling gallery wall signed by the pseudonym

steel canvas the spray the drip the clanging red light

the lights
in the gray

[img alt: two windows curtain pulls closer on the day]

time passes over the candle wick like blown smoke

[img alt: blown out cupcake wrapper wrapped ‘round smoke of memories]

minor moments adding up to a major scale

branches heavy
with nuts
and their gatherers

snagged the sky

just realized that yesterday’s Hi-Q was the 1000th consecutive one i’ve done.

tangled branches imprisoned sky above immortal snowman

trifecta hit
with a hammer

a fresh start on the same old
every day is the start of a new year

another night / another year / is the stove on?


another trip around the sun
sequel or original concept?

hey brain, show my resolutions... [no results]

redacting fortunes from pulped tea leaves

today is a day that use head, in heart. to form new make new


anti-the-crud-causing-discomfort-biotic-tick-tick waiting room

scrip for the pharma company store
syringe binge

the rhythm achieved through repitition in this poem is mesmerizing

highly recommend listening to the poet read it (assuming he’s the one doing the reading at that link)

Hi-Q Time Machine
2020: church sign snafu
2019: moon after dawn


hands like gasoline accumulating trash slicked rocks

stone sheen smells of ancient sun and fossilized rot

i added this poem to my “to recommend” list before i was even halfway through

the combination of tone, length (both poem and line), fourth wall breaking, and content made me like it immediately

Hi-Q Time Machine
2020: parallel lines
2019: sun at dawn


schemin pyramids in the sky sun-kissed brick click stackstackstack

stackin up schemes
like pharoahs click bricks
with wrist flicks