A (Multimedia) Poem I Like: DOWN LAND by Danny Hammond:

A Haiku I Like by Bob Lucky:

summer blues
wisteria high in the branches
of a dying tree

A Haiku I Like by Ann K. Schwader in The Heron’s Nest:

in this uncertain world dandelions

A Poem(?) I Like: Sonic Verbs (68) by Marc Weidenbaum

babble, bawl, bay, blow, bombinate, burble, burr, buzz, cantillate, cheep, chirr, chirrup, churr, clang, coo, crackle, croon, drone, echo, echolocate, fissle, gasp, groan, gurgle, harmonize, hiss, howl, hum, intone, keen, mewl, moan, mumble, murmur, mutter, nasalize, oscillate, psithurate, purr, resound, ring, roar, rumble, rustle, scream, screech, shout, shriek, sibilate, sigh, sign, snore, sough, squall, squeal, susurrate, swish, thrum, thwack, trill, vibrate, wail, whimper, whine, whir, whisper, yell, yelp

When the Airbnb turns out to be filled with poetry books.

Poems 1962-2012 by Louise Glück 📚

A poem I like: A Future Game by Jeffrey Wells-Powers:

I am pleased to announce
Some of the things
That won’t concern me
For the next couple of years:

A poem I like: sonnet no. xlviii, 2 by James Maynard

i’m looking forward to this crown

A poem I like: haiku by Renée Owen:

against the currents black crow wind

A poem I like: haiku by Dustin Hackfeld

A twilight of grackles—
the old gate swings
in the autumn wind

Some Poems I Like

Let’s start this off with a piece that isn’t a poem. Or is it?
> A tragedy is a haunted house with the prison-like spatial constraint removed. You are free to move yet not to escape the event. An equivalent definition is that a tragedy is a haunted cosmos, which is another species of house.
> …
> A hero dispelling a haunting is the intersection of two tragedies. Most often this isn’t a battle but a hallway between slightly separate rooms.

One reason I love the (Poem-A-Day)[https://poets.org/poem-a-day] series is because the “About This Poem” section can be as rich / interesting as the poem itself. And sometimes more so. saying of il haboul by adelaide crapsey is as interesting to me for its form as its content.
> My tent
> A vapour that
> The wind dispels and but
> As dust before the wind am I
> Myself.

Tommy Pico is great to read, but even better to listen to. Do both with an excerpt from his book poem Junk.

What can you do with a mythology? Let’s ask ex patria by evie shockley > a person who knows all the answers can only borrow a mythology like i’m king midas or i’m god. a painter can take a mythology and remake it so that it answers a new question
> …
> autumn is answering the question about gorgeous rotting. just magenta, green, brown, pink, yellow, red, violet flying off the mythological canvas.

Assessment as poem from poetry trapper keeper
> I’m always opening parentheses I forget to close > > Never Seldom Sometimes Rarely Often Always

A haiku by Chris Gordon > talking about talking about clay

The sun also rises, as they say, but what else does? > one day
> the neon
> will burn out >
> and then what
> *
> sun rises
> like rent
> *
> sun rises
> like a flag
> *
> sun rises
> like the ocean

I have a thing for crow poems.
> and why? The crow long gone now, and what marked the line between winter and spring?

A poem I like: Mark Truscott : A DESCRIPTION

A concatenation of enactment
and resemblance of and in
language: a room, silence, sound.

A poem I like: Airsoft by A. Van Jordan:

And toy guns masquerade as lethal guns
in a boy’s dreamland where no one dies,

where they simply lie down and play dead,
but they live to play on.
As mysterious as a cat in a box,

a toy gun in a Black boy’s pocket,
the gun neither dead nor alive,
unless offered a chance to empty

his pocket to solve the paradox
of what a day might hold.

had a hard time narrowing down the excerpt, sorry if it “ruins” “the end”

A poem I like: Foxglove Country by Zaffar Kunial

Alone it becomes a small tangle,
a witch’s thimble, hard-to-toll bell,
elvish door to a door. Xgl

Poem I Like: I’ve Got the Covid Blues by Tony Medina

we claim ownership
with lines drawn
in invisible ink

siren song of
a neighborhood emergency
moths to a flame