moth-eaten blanket in the sun
dog-stained snow
a warm breeze

pristine snow misshapen, leaves the dog shits

the spear
a pond
in its own rain

[img alt: drip drip drip icicle in the sun]

rabbit eye white
wolf moon

the moon is filled with wolves muffler howl

summer growth
autumn color
winter blanket

golden heads fresh fallen and falling falling

forever like cholesterol
shilling diamonds
bedazzled calphalon

millions of diamonds frying up fatback money back

sunrise drips
into predawn remnants
stuck between the trees

inkwash sunrise light drips down the trees

HI-Q: V8

puddles of shadow
stop line asphalt
oil stain

oil slick sky over oil slicked veins v8

layered lights
all the way down
then dusk

out of the light another

rolling gallery wall signed by the pseudonym

steel canvas the spray the drip the clanging red light

there is no difference
from a distance
between rock and water drop

gilded edge through the trees mountains or clouds

the lights
in the gray

[img alt: two windows curtain pulls closer on the day]

time passes over the candle wick like blown smoke

[img alt: blown out cupcake wrapper wrapped ‘round smoke of memories]

minor moments adding up to a major scale

branches heavy
with nuts
and their gatherers

snagged the sky

just realized that yesterday’s Hi-Q was the 1000th consecutive one i’ve done.

tangled branches imprisoned sky above immortal snowman

between them
more than their shared shade
does wind make a sound?

fortune favors the bold(ed) type

you look and you know you are a lover someday a book

trifecta hit
with a hammer

a fresh start on the same old
every day is the start of a new year

another night / another year / is the stove on?

another trip around the sun
sequel or original concept?

hey brain, show my resolutions... [no results]

redacting fortunes from pulped tea leaves

today is a day that use head, in heart. to form new make new

cow tools

how to haiku

the cycle begins anew brighter days ahead


anti-the-crud-causing-discomfort-biotic-tick-tick waiting room

scrip for the pharma company store
syringe binge

the rhythm achieved through repitition in this poem is mesmerizing

highly recommend listening to the poet read it (assuming he’s the one doing the reading at that link)

Hi-Q Time Machine
2020: church sign snafu
2019: moon after dawn