october photoblogging challenge day 23: meaning

what is the meaning of a knife? of strife? of a fife? of Second Life?

inktober day 23: leak

slow leak of words onto page

inktober day 22: open

open hearted door

wanted to try my hand at pattern after seeing the cover for the poetry collection: Apollo in the Grass

october photo challenge day 22: rest

recharging empty serotonin terminals

microtober day 21: space

space: to think. to breathe. to be.

inktober day 21: fuzzy

fuzzy like a satellite in a brainstorm

inktober day 20: sprout

fall planting for spring sprout

october photoblogging challenge day 20: sports

new promise new szn tip off

inktober day 19: loop

inspired by aram saroyan’s minimal poems


october photoblogging challenge day 19: mirror

mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

inktober day 18: moon

i seem to have a creative crush on the moon so this one was fun

silver dollar solar mirror after sunset

October Photoblogging Day 18: finished

a loaf finished all but the crumbs

inktober day 17: collide

knife and head collide cabbage

microtober day 17: compass

compass rose thorn pointing west


“Haiku inspirations seem like dreams to me, in the sense that they have to be recorded as soon as possible. Even a short delay can cause them to evaporate… The application of craftsmanship can be accomplished at leisure but inspiration is precious and fleeting.”

“My favorite kind of English-language haiku is likely to seem so simple and transparent in the first reading that it seems almost nothing. But it rewards subsequent readings, sometimes many subsequent readings, and continues to “unfold” over time.”

from The Haiku Foundation’s New to Haiku series

inktober day 16: compass

cardinal on the fence pointing north

microtober day 16: rotation

another rotation wind chime tolls time's cycle

microtober day 15: ethereal

i also used this for today’s entry in my Hi-Q project

ethereal the light in the leaves a season fleeting

inktober day 15: helmet

inspired by true events

danger falling acorns helmet required

microtober day 14: wheels

aka the daily routine

squirrel wheels  suburban showdown

inktober day 14: tick

blood on the brain

reading dracula the smell of tick

inktober day 13: roof

inspired by the affectionately(?) named “murder shed” in our backyard (we are not responsible for its reputation)

read this interview with tracy ma a while back touching on garbage design and ugly fonts and haven’t been able to shake it since.

moss sagging the roof murder shed

microtober day 13: animals

animals in the clouds

inktober day 12: stuck

stuck on the windshield unidentified flying insect

microtober day 12: legend

legend has it there is a cave
a cave in which lives a mouth
a mouth that speaks in holy riddle

the old notebook i grabbed for the october photo challenge and inktober happened to have this at the beginning, happy coincidence