microtober day 11: hygge

hygge a comfort i still can't pronounce

inktober day 11: sour 🍺

brett and no mices sour the flemish red

Microtober challenge day 10: bridges

no structural engineers were harmed (or consulted) in the making of this piece

better built than burned or broken bridges

inktober day 10: pick

pick of the littered rot fallen

inktober day 9: pressure

high pressure situation espresso

microtober day 9: safe

go sox

the crack: of the bat of thunder lightning quick safe at home

inktober day 8: watch

aka fun with words

[babel/bell/bomb/church/clock/fire/guard/shot/siege/signal/watch/water] tower

microtober day 8: twilight

each season's signature twilight

inktober day 7: fan

lazy spin of fan blade / fly wing / pollenated wing

This recipe for a good life doubles as a strategy for writing haiku:

McPhee seems to have recognized early on that value and self-worth and the foundation of a good life are built on caring and looking closely at the world with wide-open eyes.

via Craig Mod’s Roden 060

microtober day 7: spice

couldn’t resist

october + orange background on the prompt + “spice” = basic

pumpkins: the spice of life

inktober day 6: spirit

inspired by our decorations this year

hanging from the disco ball spirit of disco

microtober photo challenge day 6: street

sky in the street puddles

nktober day 5: raven

raven lands like night on the branch

october photo challenge day 5: toy

toy piano plunks out nostalgia

day 3: sharp

sharp the razor's edge of simplicity

inktober day 3: knot

bowed and lined practicing knots

inktober day 3: vessel

flesh bag vessel of tyranny and a hand mirror

day 3: majority

a majority of acorns  and the holes they left behind

inktober 2: suit

(img alt: in its mourning suit crow ruminates down the road)

in its mourning suit crow ruminates down the road

day 2: dark

(img alt: dark crow feather evening sky)

hell, why not make it three-a-day and do inktober while i’m at it

[img alt: spirit filled crystal skull raided, busted, and rescued]

i’ve been doing a daily haiku email for a few years now so decided why not add another daily haiku to the pile and join in the october photo challenge. day 1: touch

[img alt: paintbrush touch of unmown grass]

schemin pyramids in the sky sun-kissed brick click stackstackstack

stackin up schemes
like pharoahs click bricks
with wrist flicks