@hollyhoneychurch there is also the weather warlock synth radio transmission

@hollyhoneychurch that's a great track, thanks!

@hollyhoneychurch haha the cough is kind of like when you hear James Brown yelp in a drum n' bass break. Glitterball is my go-to uplifitng EDM track (or the start of my ekstatic playlist as I think of it).

Been trying to find the track that made me realize the "orchestra tuning up" idea and no idea if I found it or not, but I found a few that may be it? And also made me realize this an ongoing theme in stuff I save on Bandcamp.

I have one very unhelpful Notes.app entry about this that only mentions this song by Weather Warlock. But my digging also surfaced these songs as potential examples:

-Waterfall Arcing In The Still Of Night, part 1. -workin' the church shift. -Reaching Never Reaching. -Said Warm Neck Keeping

@cliffordbeshers beautiful bird, reminds me of a poem i was just introducted to: i am not a falconer by caroline bird

@hollyhoneychurch makes sense, and it can be dangerous to listen to too much stuff similar to what you're trying to make.

gotta love a build up. i heard a song once that made me think of an orchestra tuning up and realized i love that feeling. just waiting for "a thing" to happen, but in the context of songs like this it never does.